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The Media Heroes focuses on designing content and partnering with Digital Signage industry leaders.
We provide design solutions for the following manufacturers :

Inspired XPress is tailored for organizations that desire to manage all aspects of their digital signage including content creation. Inspired XPress features a simple, intuitive software interface that allows staff to quickly create templates and content, and then publish content to SPX-1000 players which are small enough to mount behind any display. Content design is fluid, similar to a web page.
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For the last ten years we have been helping businesses implement digital signage successfully in a variety of ways. Successful digital signage is a matter of putting together the right pieces in the right way. The pieces include but are not limited to software, media players, displays, creative content, IT and A/V connections with expert know-how.
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 Carousel Digital Signage is easy to use, easy to manage, and scales from one display to hundreds. Carousel is in use at thousands of corporations, educational institutions, municipalities, and small businesses throughout the United States
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